Change Through a Lens

Producer: Oda Jenssen

Director: Edvart Falch Alsos

Cinematographer: Kjell Erik Egeland

”Change Through a Lens” is the story about the Greek photojournalist and how he translates, interprets and understands the massive change the Greek society has been through the last years. Through the lens on his camera he has been a witness to the fall of a wealthy European society.

As a opposite to a media picture with, maybe, the lack of appropriate reflexes he stands in the middle of a crossfire between baton’s and banners to capture the new reality in pictures. With his camera, both as a shield and a weapon he catches the light of a society not only relevant for Greeks, but also the whole western part of the world. With sometimes, his life at stake he is capturing the moment, if it’s a photography or a scar.



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